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August 14, 2013 / subhanradio

The dreamland – part 1


Turn on the TV , CNN says everything is fine, people start to cry when Randy Jackson expresses his deep feelings for a half naked “women” who can sing as good as Rihanna. Open the newspaper, it says “while the world waits for the official portrait of Prince William and Kate and their newborn son…”, ye I’m sure the 5 year old kid dying in Africa can’t wait any longer for the miracle. Israel makes a wall to keep its native citizens “the Palestinians” out, after all the natives are the “Terrorists”, then makes a movie called “World War Z” to tell the world Israel is the savior of humanity and the wall is build to keep the “Zombies” out.

It’s lovely to see the Rockefellers have a perfect system built to make a slave out of you until you die. Banks, mortgages and credit cards are there to make sure Zions own your testicles until the last breath. Beer shops will make sure you don’t have enough brain cells to think about what’s happening to you, Shops and Malls will grantee you fashionable clothes that are made by skinning live animals and enslaving your friends and families back home for pennies per hour. Some guys are proud to be fingered by another guy, so why not make a parade to show everyone how proud they are of being a homo and lets force people to accept this beautiful act, after all its a “humans right” to dress however it wants, if you get criticized of dressing like a whore just form a “slut walk” and tell the world you like to be a slut and it’s no ones business, but it’s perfectly fine to invade an entire continent, kill 80 million natives and call it America, those are not people and have no rights of course.  It’s fascinating when you invade Africa, steal all it’s resources, then show advertisements on TV asking people to help and feed a hungry kid (They will also send you a picture of the kid if you subscribe). We say Allah (God) is just, your actions will not be unanswered.

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